Getting Rid Of Rats And Mice With Pest Control Methods

One way that many homes have rat infestations is through infested pets. Rodents and mice are often found in pet food, dust, and other surfaces. Some rodents can be found in your home or your business that can pose a health risk to you, your family, and your employees. There are several ways to control these unwanted critters without resorting to extreme measures.

There are pest control companies who specialize in how to get rid of mice and rats. Two of the most popular companies are Ecover and Rodents Reach. Currently, there are two PRI Pest Control Bulletins available: One on how to set up vegetable gardens with mouse and rat barriers; and one on how to get rid of rats and mice. This post focuses on how to get rid of rats and mice in walls. The post also explores the advantages of integrated pest control systems for controlling mice and rats in walls.


Rats and mice are drawn to electrical fields. So when you use rodenticides, you must place the poisons within reach of the mice or rats. You should consider using poisons that repel mice or rats rather than poisons that kill them. Rodenticides do not generally kill all the pests in an area but they are better than nothing.

Keep your yard mowed and clear of debris and rodenticide. Make sure that your garden vegetables and flower beds are not near water. Keep your lawn and driveway free of any debris and vegetation. When it comes to rodents and rats pest control, prevention is better than cure. For a healthy environment, the lawn, garden and driveway must be kept clean and well maintained.

Rat Nests

Rats and mice also like to build nests. To get rid of these animals, you should first seal any possible nests. Any holes, cracks or holes must be sealed. You can use cement or wood putty to fill the holes. Also, seal any possible water entrance such as sewers, pipes and sinks. If the animals have access to the outside of the house, using a screen door and keeping the windows closed will discourage them from coming inside the house.

rats and mice pest control

If the rats and mice are still in the house after following the above-mentioned steps, then the last course of action is to contact a professional pest exterminator. The professionals have experience and expertise in dealing with rodents and pests. They know how to get rid of rats and mice using poisons and traps. However, you must do your research and ask the exterminator to explain the procedures in detail before using any toxic product on the rats and mice in your house.

Prevent Infestation

One way of how to prevent rats and mice infestation in the house is to prevent them from entering through cracks in the walls, floors, ceilings and doors. Rats and mice find it very easy to enter through these small and narrow openings. Use caulk to seal up any small gaps. This will prevent rats and mice from gaining entry through small openings.

Aside from hiring a professional exterminator to conduct pest extermination, there is also another effective method of how to get rid of rats and mice in your home. It is to keep rats and mice out of your home through the use of animal repellents. These products do not harm humans. They are available at online stores. There are also kits you can use that contain various sprays and pesticides that will effectively eliminate rats and mice from your property.

When you are away at work or school, be sure not to leave food and water or any other valuable items inside your home. Leave these items out and if you must take food or water into your home, do so in a secure and locked cupboard. Do not leave notes or any personal information near your cabinets as rats and mice find these tempting and can easily get access to your possessions.

Do a regular checkup of your home for any signs of rats and mice. A professional pest control company would normally come to your home to assess how to best deal with the situation. You can also learn how to get rid of rats and mice yourself by reading various websites on the topic. You can easily purchase commercially available rat and mouse bait from hardware stores and feeder stores. It is important to regularly inspect your home to make sure these rodents are not living in your house.

If none of the methods described above seems to be working, you can hire a professional. Pest control professionals can use traps and other techniques to get rid of pests. Remember that prevention is better than cure. This means that you should always be vigilant about your property and avoid letting pests build up over time.